Döner production to the highest quality standards

The new production halls are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and geared towards the seamless operation of all systems. Air-conditioned premises and motivated staff in hygiene-compliant clothing process the freshest meat products using choice seasonings so as to produce premium döner. Our döner production facility is continuously monitored and is awarded appropriate inspection certificates at regular intervals. What is most important is people's health! Long-serving staff members who have received in-house training guarantee the consistent, premium-quality of our meat skewers. We are proud to rank among the best. Because cleanliness is our topmost priority!

Equipment in our döner production facility

Tremendous attention is paid to the way in which we process meat. The raw material is of proven origin and specially sourced. Rational work processes using modern technology guarantee that Euras complies with an A1 standard of hygiene. After every stage of production, worktops, processing equipment, clothing, etc. are thoroughly cleaned with extreme care. Safeguarding against contamination is a priority for us. Only by exercising utmost care do we achieve the premium-quality for which we are known!



Euras Kebab

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